Any great summer holiday begins with a great journey, a precursor of what to come whist heading out for a few weeks of exploring and relaxation.
The 2014 SEAT Leon 1.6TDSI is the perfect companion for a European tour but getting the very best economy is a must for a car full of luggage which is driving long distances.

This Seat Leon is very green indeed thanks to Tunit V-CR. More power is available across the rev range and Tunit reduced the flat spots and diesel lag from the DSG gearbox, even with a boot full of luggage.

Tunit boosted power from 105bhp by 27% to 134bhp and torque went up by 18% to 220lbs/ft. The most notable difference is flat spots had all but disappeared and the economy of the car has considerably improved. Alterations made to the gear changes combined with that boost in torque mean less fuel is used to get back up to speed and acceleration is considerably smoother.

Saving fuel was the initial goal but ease of use was also a factor. Tunit really is plug and play, fitting outside the ECU. No manufacturers safety limits are removed or altered by the Tunit ensuring safe operation.